Our Lodge

A place of power and healing

On the periphery of a small village we have found a wonderful place of power and a space for peace, relaxation and healing. We were led to this place to give people a possibility to feel themselves more once again, to come to themselves and to detach from the everyday life of the western world.

Africa is another world and gives the opportunity to discover and experience ourselves in a completely new way. It releases entrenched thought structures and opens up new ways of looking at life.

Travel beyond, is what we want. We want you to get to know the true life of Africa, in a wonderful place of power, in a tropical, fertile garden that holds a healing energy.

This place will open up to you what your voyage is all about.

Be excited and full of anticipation, it will surely be an experience that will change you.

We look forward to seeing you!

at the salt water pool
Enjoy your time in our lodge, feel the power of the garden, refresh yourself in our salt water pool and take the time to fully arrive at yourself.
In the garden
This journey can open the way to you, to your deepest being and your essence. Open your heart and experience the path to your power.
at the restaurant
We want to serve you nutritious, healthy and natural food during your journey. Enjoy the fruits from our garden, the vegetables from our own or local cultivation and feel how the food cleanses your body, strengthens and gives joy to your soul.