Adventure & Experience

Join us for an unforgettable safari, full of impressive experiences in accordance with nature and the animals.

You will be touched and changed by these days. Africa is the only continent on our planet where we can still immerse ourselves in this profound, natural world of our earth.
Feel this force, discover this magic of virgin nature and wildness.


Diving / Snorkeling

Kenya still gives us many unspoiled and wondrous coral reefs and a spectacular underwater world. Connect with the aquatic element and the nature of the water and dive into the depths of this wonderful ocean. Discover a whole new level of perception
In full respect for our oceans.


Let the waves of the Atlantic Ocean carry you and allow you to feel the lightness of your being. Here you will feel the element of air, the power of the wind and the endless expanse of the horizon in a deep bond.

Village Walk & Talk

Experience on a 2-3 hour village tour how people really live here. How they wash, cook, reside, eat, work. Here you can enter a completely different world and experience Africa up close. 

Fantastic fabulous beaches

Endless powdery beaches, turquoise water, green palm trees. Africa presents us with a heavenly nature. Relax, listen to the sound of the sea and enjoy the beach days during your stay with us.

Yoga & Meditation

Through yoga and physical therapy, you will learn to connect deeply with your body and become one with it. Your body is the channel of your soul. Feel it, appreciate it and live in harmony with your own essence. Through yoga practice we encourage you to return to this consciousness. Become supple, and agile again…


Meditation lets you find your way back to yourself, discover your soul and realize who you really are. In this practice, you will experience the inner peace, profound connection to your essence and feel what your life wants to open up to you.

Workshops & Retreats
Travels & Retreats

Join us on a guided group tour and immerse yourself in the Spirit of Africa. On our journey “Spirit of Africa” you will experience yourself in your inner depth, in your essence, connected with the force of the African continent. It is about Growth, Abundance, Inner Freedom and profound connection to the Spiritual World.